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Ngoc Mai 'Hayley' Nguyen

Performer, Writer, and Director.


In my senior year at the American University in Bulgaria, I adapted a Vietnamese classic folk tale into a mini-musical titled

Between Our Worlds. With a Creative Team of four and a cast of 16 people, we successfully introduced the first Asian musical ever performed at the American University in Bulgaria.

In the same academic year, I was selected to be a part of the Broadway Performing Club's Creative Team, leading the Dance Department as a Choreographer. In 2022, we held nine performances in four cities across Bulgaria and Serbia, each attracting 300-600 audience members. Our production Cabaret (1987 version) was the first to take the club beyond the borders of Bulgaria.


Between Our Worlds

April 26, 2022

Adapted from one of the most well-known Vietnamese folk tales, Between Our Worlds is a delicate, vibrant, and lively minimusical. Following a man's visit to the land of hopes and dreams, it tells a magical story about his wish to change the world. What will he find on his way back home, stuck between the reality of what the world is and the idea of what it could have been? You will be guided to ancient Vietnam and emerge in a world of music and poetry.


Cabaret (1987 version)

March - April, 2022

The AUBG Broadway Performance Club (based in Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria) has produced 14 musical productions over the past 15 years. Cabaret (1987 version) celebrated the club's revival after a two-year inactive period due to the COVID outbreak, taking the club beyond the borders of Bulgaria for the first time.


Musical Theatre, Drama, Film, and Creative Writing


Creative Writing

A collection of poems, scripts, and short stories.


In 2017, I directed a cinematic documentary titled Lẫn (Forgetful), which set a new record at the Golden Lotus Bud Short-film Award for winning all three awards in the documentary category (Best Documentary Debut, Audience Choice, and Best Documentary).


In the following years, I took on multiple roles as director, scriptwriter, and actor in award-winning short films: Sinh Nhật (Birthday), Real Love, and A Beautiful Pie.



In 2019, I was selected to play eccentric 80-year-old María Josefa in The House of Bernarda Alba. The experience inspired me to venture further into the world of dramatic theatre, and in 2020, I adapted one of Vietnam's most prominent modern plays into an English production titled The Butcher's Skin.


My most recent roles include iconic Amanda Wingfield in The Glass Menagerie, and good-natured Sister James in Doubt: A Parable.


Musical Theatre

My passion for musical theatre began with the main role in FRAGMENTS PRODUCTIONS' original musical titled A Bullet for My Valentine (2017). Since then, I have taken part in a series of musical productions at the American University led by the Broadway Performing Club: Hair (2019), Rent (2020), and Cabaret (2022). In 2021, despite difficulties caused by the COVID outbreak, I took part in another original musical production by FRAGMENTS PRODUCTIONS, titled January Sun.

In my senior year of college, I adapted and directed the first Asian musical at the American University in Bulgaria, Between Our Worlds (2022).



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