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Creative Writing

A collection of scripts, short stories, and poems.

Fictional Prose

Petals (Screenplay)

Originally submitted as a written assignment for FLM 221: Screenwriting with Professor Micheal Cohen at the American University in Bulgaria.

"John drives alone.

He stops the car and goes through the old photos in the front cabin. He turns on the in-car light and squirms his body so he can see better. He finds an old photograph of himself and his wife in their 20s, hugging each other. They're standing next to a small, DIY wooden sign that says "Macabee Flower Farm".

He looks outside to see the same name, written in the same font, on a big, backlit acrylic sign."

Bare (Short story)

2nd Prize Fiction Winner of the Filitsa Sofianou-Mullen Creative Writing Competition (Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria).

"Margrette is suddenly unsettled. She can’t help but glance at her unshaved lady parts, and look up to see a dozen of young faces, with knit eyebrows and tensed lips. One of the students raises his hand to ask Sharon a question, and Margrette tries to hear him. But she feels like she can only hear the rumbling in her stomach instead. She wonders if he was talking about her. He could have said something like: “Why doesn’t she shave?” and perhaps the other guys in the room think the same way, too."

Newness (Short story)

Published in My Third Skin Anthology (Blagoevgrad, Bulgaria).

"I am scared, though, from time to time. During my second month in college, one of my Japanese friends was attacked by a group of drunk and racist youngsters. This happened on the same path we would take every day, from the dorm to our favorite restaurant. I told myself he must have provoked the fight in some sort of way. His manner, maybe, was the problem – he’d always had this big, loud personality that seemed like arrogance sometimes. I know that didn’t justify anything, but it’s comforting to believe that such an incident is unlikely to happen to me."

Something Blue (Short story)

Originally submitted as a written assignment for ENG 205: Introduction to Creative Writing: Fiction with Professor Micheal Cohen at the American University in Bulgaria.

"He looks into her eyes as they sparkle in the dark like dots of flames. Her breath is warm. Her kisses, too. Something was burning between her lips, so powerfully his mind melts before he can make sense of it.

He gently shakes his head. Just everything, Medley. Without you."





I’m so sorry

for how much more

I could have loved


Fuzz and lemon

Fuzz and lemon

Buzzing bee

Nuzzle my hair while cuddling me



Old age is a spell you cast

On your lover's weary shoes


Puzzle pieces





Right at the corner

Goodbye was hard

I didn’t know it’s there

Right at the corner

Of the doorway



I'm just another number

Across the Atlantic sea


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