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In 2019, I was selected to play eccentric 80-year-old María Josefa in The House of Bernarda Alba. The experience inspired me to venture further into the world of dramatic theatre, and in 2020, I adapted one of Vietnam's most prominent modern plays into an English production titled The Butcher's Skin. My most recent roles include the iconic Amanda Wingfield in The Glass Menagerie, and good-natured Sister James in Doubt: A Parable.

Doubt: A Parable



- Position: Assistant Director and Actor (as Sister James)

  + Conduct thorough research on the socio-political background of the play and develop a cohesive artistic vision with the director.
  + Assist in organizing and coordinating intensive rehearsals (8 hours/week) while ensuring my own progress as one of the cast members.

  + Provide feedback to the director and cast members to improve the production's quality.
  + Collaborate with the technical team to ensure the execution of the director's vision in terms of lighting, sound, and set.
  + Execute a successful promotional campaign incorporating online and print advertising with a team of designers and photographers.

Video: Full recording of the performance in February 2022 at the American University in Bulgaria

Concept Photos

Photo courtesy of Svetozara Saykowa
Concept by Dimitar Palazov and "Hayley" Ngoc-Mai Nguyen

The Glass Menagerie



- Position: Actor (as Amanda Wingfield)

  + Attend intensive acting rehearsals (6 hours/week for three months) to sharpen acting skills and master the materials of the play.

  + Work closely with the director and other cast members to understand and deliver the director's vision for the production.

  + Coordinate with the costume department to select appropriate outfits that reflect Amanda's personality.

Concept Photos

Photo courtesy of Petar Hristakiev
Concept by Nedyalko Delchev and Petar Hristakiev

Stage Photos

Photo courtesy of Lilia Tsarka

The Butcher's Skin: An Adaptation



- Position: Director

   + Direct the translation process and make appropriate edits when needed, as The Butcher's Skin is originally a Vietnamese play written by Luu Quang Vu (Hon Truong Ba, Da Hang Thit).

   + Make casting decisions and assign tasks to the cast and crew members; lead all rehearsals.

   + Organize and choreograph performances to promote cultural expression in theatre within the community.

- Due to the spread of COVID-19, the public performance of The Butcher's Skin was unfortunately canceled in March 2020.

Promotional Performance

Photo courtesy of The American University in Bulgaria